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We're working to archive great free e-manuals, info and more... best practice contact group for key activists of libertarian-friendly parties or civic groups protecting rights,  choice & localism.

Parties work on core or introductory voluntary/libertarian public administration, better rights/less government abuse, and eco-local governance. We wish to see such parties or groups in every country building the tolerant, prosperous center.

We're successor of the original contact group of , which mid-wifed them, but endorse no party or candidate per se. We also encourage contact  with all party internationals. All groups share themes of peaceful dialogue without extremisms, fair electoral access, local/personal voluntary alternatives.

We do not enter into the internal debates of any party, but welcome 'founding purism'-- in those parties that're not simply consensus means -- to present a clearer toolkit citizen choice. Lead Activists tend to work on themes of seeking collaborative trans-partisan common ground; challenging the state cultisms denounced byJefferson--abuses of political, large corporate and customary/religious influence--that undermine rights and local democracy; and citizen action for rights, tolerance, peace.

We contemplate the time when "Green" and "Liberal-Libertarian/ voluntary" concepts are used as a starting point by all parties, and e.g. model Libertarian eco-communities and citizen co-ops are legalized worldwide.


Site is under development and is scheduled for operation in 2013. Check back soon!